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The platform for leaders, executives and decision makers to meet, solve problems and support charity at the same time.


"The connection was extremely spot on in terms of our pain points and timing. The key thing for me is I wasn’t being sold to, we just talked about life, my work environment..."

Nisha Clarke
CIO, Abano Healthcare Group

"meetmagic takes the clutter out of your mailbox and creates meaningful discussions whilst helping people by doing what we already do."

Andrew Matuszczak
Chief Transformation and Information Officer, CSC

Transforming how the business world connects

Don't get sold to. Sidestep the email spamming. Solve genuine business problems and be a force for social good.

How it works

Join for free. Complete your profile, add matching preferences and your interests.

Smart matching suggests relevant connections and you decide which member you want to meet.

The member pays to meet you and once the meeting has happened and we give $700 to charity.

Personalised matches

Smart Matching makes better connections by learning about the people and topics you want to talk about and filtering out the rest. Faster, more meaningful connections.

Hassle-free meetings

Scheduling is a breeze and automated meeting preparation features take care of the logistics so you can focus on connecting, not admin.

A small change, big impact

People spend around 23 hours every week in meetings. If just half of those meetings were made using meetmagic, $8000 could be donated to charity. Every. Single. Week.

The meetmagic difference

Better conversations

Personalised matches

Quality feedback

Customised profiles

Curated, vetted community

Safe, secure environment

You might be wondering

Unlock a better way to do good this year